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New student has entered the district


On 1/30/2011, a new student with an IEP (Johnny Five) started school.
He has speech services 30 x 2 weekly in his former school district.


You first need to email a mySPED administrator to create a new student record in mySPED. Once this is done, the speech therapist will add Johnny to her log and add then add the speech service.

1. Email the mySPED Administrator to Create a New Student Record for Johnny

The administrator will need the following information:

  • * Full legal name
  • * Grade level
  • * Date of Birth
  • * Name of school now enrolled at
  • * The first date of enrollment

2. Once Johnny is created, add Johnny to your log

Follow the instructions described in: Adding a student to your log

3. Add the current 30 x 1 speech service to Johnny

Follow the instructions described in: Starting a new type of service

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