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Updating Services After an IEP


Jack has two services: TIS and paraeducator.
He just had an IEP meeting today (1/21/2011).
TIS services remain the same at 30 x 2 weekly.
Paraeducator services are reduced from 180 x 5 weekly to 90 x 4 weekly.


Since the TIS service remains the same frequency and duration, we just extend the end date to the next annual (1/21/2012)
Since the paraeducator service is changed, we end the old service (180 x 5) and start a new service (90 x 4).


1. Click on Jack’s name in the log to view his detailed report

2. Extend the date of the TIS service to the next annual (1/20/2012)

3. End the old paraeducator service (180 x 5) to the day before the IEP (1/20/2011)

4) Start a new paraeducator service (90 x 5) effective today (1/21/2011)

5) Verify service changes

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